What Is Brand Identity?

What Is Brand Identity?

We talk about brands all the time as we are fascinated by them. But I have been pondering recently that nowhere have we ever taken a moment to define the elements of a brand or brand identity. Writing this, I felt that by doing so, it might explain our (healthy) obsession with brands and brand identity and brand management.

What do we mean when we say “Brand”

A brand is an idea, a network of associations that represents an entity, organization, or a person.

Just so as to make it clear, a brand isn’t just a marketing tool. It’s not just a logo or set of fonts and colors. It’s a vital part of the strategy and operations of a company that extends beyond marketing. Companies that have the greatest market share also have the greatest brands.

If Brand isn’t Marketing, then what is it?

A brand isn’t just a product. A brand is an entity that lives outside of the product or the market needs. It is the expression of what an organization stands for and how they wish to project their image onto their customers and the market. It is the interaction people have with the entity or organization. A brand logo is the perception people have for that brand and projects the brand’s story.

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