What Is Information Technology?

What Is Information Technology?

What is information technology? A guide for beginners.

For many people, information technology (IT) is about men and women who call you when they need help with a computer problem. While this information technology view is not entirely wrong, the scope of this important career field is largely underestimated.

The most basic definition of information technology is that it is the application of technology to solve the problems of large companies or organizations. Regardless of their role, a member of an IT department works with others to solve technology problems whether it is large and small.

Here are three main pillars of responsibility for an IT department:

  • IT Governance - The combination of guidelines and processes that enable IT systems to be managed effectively and meet the organization's requirements.
  • IT Operations - This is a collective category for the daily work of an IT department. Consists of network maintenance, security testing, technical support, and device management.
  • Hardware and infrastructure: This approach refers to all physical components of the IT infrastructure. This column of IT includes the installation and maintenance of equipment such as routers, servers, telephone systems, and individual devices such as laptops.

While the IT department of a company performs many different functions and plays an important role in its operation, someone said that the perfect IT department is one you don't even know about. This means that they can automate and create processes for most of their daily activities so that everything runs smoothly. The ideal IT department also focuses on business objectives and its processes are transparent so that the rest of the business can understand and help achieve them.

In simple terms, most organizations will slow down if their computer systems fail. You will find it difficult to find a business that is not connected to computers and networks to which it is at least partially connected.

What is this term hardware called? And what do you mean by software?

Hardware includes all the parts of a computer system that you can see and touch. Computer hardware consists of things such as motherboards, CPU (Central Processing Unit), and hard drives. The hardware also describes components that can be connected from outside the computer things as printers, keyboards, and mouse, etc. While on the other hand some small tablets and laptops devices have a built-in keyboard and mouse. Basically, the hardware is a component or device connected to computers and their networks that you can physically handle and manipulate.

It is that part which you cannot feel or touch. Unlike hardware, it is impossible to physically change the software. The software includes, for example, all data programs and applications stored electronically like operating systems or video editing programs.

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