What Is Web Development?

What Is Web Development?

The term web development is interpreted differently depending on the company. In general, it is any activity related to the development of a website for the Internet, World Wide Web or intranet. In particular, it can be said that there is some work involved in developing applications that communicate over some kind of network and that a particular client device is accessible, i.e. a web browser, a mobile browser, etc. This job includes web design, content management, client-server communication, hardware and software configuration, and database administration.

However, among those skilled in the art, the term is generally considered to be an aspect unrelated to the design of the work, e.g. write code pointing to the website and any script and / or programming that enables corporate applications and services. In large companies and organizations, the web development team can consist of hundreds of people and is often a collaboration between departments rather than the domain of a specific department.

For enterprise-wide application development, generally the minimum resource is:

  • A web designer
  • A web developer
  • Database administrator
  • Hosting / Network Support Technicians

Skills transition happens very frequently, and in small businesses all of these activities can be done by one person to some degree. The web development industry has been one of the fastest growing in the last decade as companies begin to appreciate the benefits of the global world wide web can do. Reach a wider audience, automate business processes, and advertise. Development of your brand and services. In the United States alone, more than 30,000 companies operate in the web development industry. And this number is increasing.

Industry growth has also been driven by many other factors:

  • Reduce the costs of web hosting and related services and increase the number of companies offering these services.
  • Increase in the number of professionals in web development technology
  • Improvements in tools and services that help automate the development process. For example, the development of blogging tools like WordPress practically destroyed the amount of information that people were adding to the World Wide Web due to the ease with which it was possible to create and maintain a blogging site.

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